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Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger was a mystery series broadcast briefly in 1950 from May to October on NBC. The show was buried with a group of other mediocre mystery shows during the summer of 1950. It never had a sponsor and did not receive much critical attention. However, Cloak and Dagger was a surprising delight with its unpredictable plots and outstanding acting. The series was written by Winifred Wolfe and Jack Gordon and produced by Louis G. Cowan.

Cloak and Dagger came on the air during the WWII. The stories revolve around the wartime activities of the Office of Strategic Services - the OSS. With secret spy operations and dangerous undercover missions behind the enemy lines, each 30-minute episode unfolds in a tense and intriguing narrative.

The main actor, Raymond Edward Johnson, opens the show with a question reflective of its time, "Are you willing to undertake a dangerous mission for the United States, knowing in advance you may never return alive?"

Show Name Date Aired
File 2218 May 7, 1950
The Brenner Pass Story June 4, 1950
The People in the Pass Story June 11, 1950
As The Kachlin Story June 18, 1950
Direct Line to Bombers June 25, 1950
The Eyes of Buddah July 2, 1950
The Trap July 9, 1950
The Secret Box July 23, 1950
Swastika on the Windmill July 30, 1950
Recommendation from Rommell August 6, 1950
The Roof of the World August 13, 1950
Norwegian Incident August 20, 1950
The Black Radio August 27, 1950
War of Words September 1, 1950
Over Ground Railroad September 8, 1950
Seeds of Doubt September 15, 1950
Operation Sellout September 22, 1950
Delay on Route October 6, 1950
Wine of Freedom October 15, 1950
The Last Mission September 29, 1950
Windfall October 22, 1950
The Trojan Horse May 14, 1950

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